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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Modular Home MinuteⓇ- Proud New Homeowner Joe

Dave Cooper: Hi everyone, this is Dave Cooper from Connecticut Valley Homes, and this is a Modular Home MinuteⓇ. And I am standing with a new proud homeowner, Joe. 

Joe, it's been a little bit of a process, right?

Joe: Yes.

Dave Cooper: We're standing in your new kitchen, you're only days from moving in. We've had some inspections to get through, they're finishing up. The fireplace over there.

But let me ask you something, overall how was your experience?

Joe: Very good. Very good, yep. People I dealt with are nice and responsive. I couldn't imagine building this stick built, it would have taken around a year long I think. But good, yep. Very happy.

Dave Cooper: And your wife's happy?

Joe: Wife's happy, I'm happy.

Dave Cooper: Yeah. And she wasn't able to be here for this video, but I will see her on Friday because we are going to do a photo shoot at this house, once it's all pulled together. So with that Joe, what is the favorite part of the whole house for you?

Joe: For me it's the master bath and the kitchen.

Dave Cooper: The master bath and the kitchen?

Joe: Yep.

Dave Cooper: Why is that?

Joe: Just the way it looks. It pops, it's clean, it's bright. This is usually where we congregate.

Dave Cooper: Alright.  And I also see out back we have a swimming pool getting ready to go in, right?

Joe: Yep.

Dave Cooper: So you have a whole lot of things that are going on right now, and we'll get the master bath upstairs so I don't have to show Joe climbing stairs and all that, but we really appreciate your business. I know we have some things still left to do. 

One of the things we're known for is our service and our follow up. We'll do a one year follow up, we always answer our phones, which is great, right? And I'll show you the mechanicals probably this weekend as well.

So I just want to thank you personally.

Joe: Thank you.

Dave Cooper: It's been a great experience.

Joe: Likewise.

Dave Cooper: And please, if you're thinking about building, please consider modular. Go to our website,, download the 25 Questions to Ask a Builder, and as always ask us those same questions as well. And you can probably ask Joe too, so we'll see you next time.

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