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Celebrating 50 Years of Earth Day!

Did you know that April 22nd marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day?  As we adapt to the restrictions of social distancing, one thing we can celebrate is our shrinking carbon footprint. During this newfound journey, we are here to serve our clients today and tomorrow building energy-efficient homes designed to soak in natural light and ventilation. Modular construction maximizes the use of building materials and utilizes waste to energy practices which means far less waste in landfills.  A tighter building envelope combined with the insulation package we include in each home means greater energy efficiency and savings for the homeowner. Our homes are better for the families living in them and for our environment. What are some easy ways to reduce that carbon footprint even more?  Continue to reduce and consolidate trips to the store. Pick up needed items for neighbors and alternate trips to the store with friends. Wash and carry your own reusable shopping bags a

Do You Enjoy Tea Time At Home? This AMAZING DIY Project May Be Right Up Your Alley...

Interested In Tea Time?

Here are the steps:

1.  FIND A BOATLOAD OF CUPS! You have to play with them and get them in the right spots so that it flows.  It would be much easier if you were only doing a few colors but who likes to do things the easy way???!  After you have it set up the way you want number them!!!  That way you wont forget!!

2.    Buy some particle board at an art store.  Make sure your circle is drawn big enough to fit all the cups. once you have your circle drawn - cut out the circle

3.  Paint your circle whatever color you like.

4. To rediscover the center, measure the width and mark the center point at a few different angles. Then drill a hole for the clock mechanism.  (clock motors can be found at most hobby stores )

 5.   Use Gorilla Glue Epoxy to epoxy all of the teacups to the saucers and then the saucers to the wood.  Seriously this is the strongest stuff on earth.  Period. Don't even try to use something may regret it.

6.  Mount it to the wall.  This will be VERY heavy.  Make sure its connected VERY SECURELY!


This DIY project cost less than $50.00 to complete and has yielded something priceless and "timeless" - pun intended...

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