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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Building With Children - Replacing Confusion with Excitement

Moving can be tough on the whole family, but especially young children. Imagine being young kid who does not fully comprehend all of the changes surrounding them. Moving probably seems somewhat scary and dauntingly unfamiliar.

For this reason, it is imperative to generate excitement during the building process by including all family members. While a child might grow attached to their current home, there is no doubt that they can quickly grow fond of their new one. If you are a homeowner with young children consider designing creative kid spaces. This will help the transition into a brand new home feel exciting rather than sad and confusing. Not only are creative kid spaces a fun idea, but incorporating such designs/areas helps to also keep kid items in a designated area rather than all over the house. Consider inspiration like these spaces when building with children:

Bunk beds that offer personal, unshared spaces for families with multiple children.

Reading room with a cozy nook. 

Designated area for backpacks and notes.

Chalkboard walls allow for creativity in areas that are easily accessible for children.

Homework and craft space for each child of the family.

Media rooms and reading nooks keep books, video games and movies all in one very comfortable area.

Rock walls will promote activeness and are a really cool entrance to a lofted hangout area.

For the active/sporty child.

Add a swing to your child's bedroom and consider a treehouse for backyard fun/adventure.

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