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Connecticut Valley Homes

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Renter's Net Worth 36 Times Less than Homeowner's

Homeownership remains a great way to grow wealth in America. This may not seem possible, especially with the crash of the housing market, but The Federal Reserve states that homeowner's have a much higher net worth than renters. Again, this may seem shocking when reflecting on the housing market of the past decade.

The Federal Reserve reports that the average renter has a net worth of $5,400, while the average homeowner is valued at $194,500. Crazy difference, right? This means that a homeowner's net worth is over 36 times greater than that of a renter! In addition, the average American family stands for a net worth of $81,200, while $49,856 of the whole represents home equity. That's 61.4% of the average American family's net worth - a generous chunk.

Long story short, investing in real estate is still an opportune way for individuals and families to become more financially sound.

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