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Connecticut Valley Homes

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Maintenance Musts

As Fall is underway, Connecticut Valley Homes offers these Fall maintenance musts to uphold the quality of your home:

  1. Check the Exterior Paint - If paint is peeling this may indicate an issue with protection of the siding, which could be damaging to the house. 
  2. Clean the Gutters - Clogged gutters are one of the biggest reasons for ice dams. 
  3. Caulk Windows - Sealing windows will prevent heat from escaping from them. Openings in the structure of your home can also cause water to enter, which can freeze causing cracks and sometimes mold. 
  4. Get Up On the Roof - Inspect your roof for loose or missing shingles, so you can replace what is necessary. It's always best to make small repairs than to deal with a leaking roof in the freezing cold dead of winter.   
  5. Prepare Heating Systems - Make sure heating systems are serviced. They will operate more efficiently and last longer when properly serviced. 
  6. Seal the Driveway - This will help with extending the life of the asphalt long past the winter months. 
  7. Reverse Ceiling Fan - Change the direction of the ceiling fans to force hot air down from the ceiling to where people actually are.
  8. Cover Air Conditioners - Vacuum out the internal pieces of these cooling machines and cover with appropriate covers to prevent rusting. Do not leave air conditioners in the windows during the Winter months. 
  9. Prepare Yard Equipment - Clean yard equipment before storing it for the Winter. Also, make sure all Winter equipment is prepare and ready to go come time to utilize. 
  10. Prepare the Deck - Store all Summer furniture indoors during the Winter months to preserve their life. Also, remove soil from any planters so that pots do not crack.

Sources: Bob Vila

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