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Celebrating our Founder, Catherine Taylor, in honor of International Women’s Day 2019

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.  The first gathering to celebrate this event was in 1911 and was fully adopted by the United Nations in 1975 to help forge a more gender-balanced world. Not long after that, our very own Catherine Taylor decided to leave her full-time job as an elementary school art teacher and enter the world of new home construction. As the story goes, “It was summer and I was off from school. After a chance meeting with someone who was building modular homes, I decided to leave teaching and go into home building.” She completed a few projects on her own, then in 1981 incorporated as Connecticut Valley Homes.

Specializing in offsite modular construction since the beginning, Catherine was intrigued by the idea of building a home inside a factory. 
“Modular construction just made so much sense back then, as it does today,” she said. “Homes are built in a climate controlled facilit…

A Splash of Style - Backsplashes

Whether a kitchen hosts guests or our own family members it is important that we are proud of this specific space. Aspects such as design, appliances, layout, functionality and style contribute to our overall satisfaction. We desire to focus on the elements we love - one's that may be unique to our homes. We desire small accents that give a big bang while capturing our style, but also adding character to the overall masterpiece. Kitchen backsplashes act as that bridge and artful accent. They do so by drawing together other kitchen components with the homeowner's overall style.

There are many ways to create an eye catching backsplash. Tile gives way to one of the most common surfaces used. Not only are tiles available in various multitudes of sizes, shapes and designs, but they are also easy to clean and maintain. When installing this kitchen accent, a homeowner must consider the function of the kitchen. Cooking is one of the greatest tasks accomplished here. For that reason, messes can occur - splattering for example. When splatter strikes, it's important it wipes clean from walls. Tile backsplashes allow easy cleanup.

With that said, though, designers recommend that finding the best material for a kitchen's backsplash relies on measurements. If you are looking to determine what size material should be used, measurements are the key for decision time. Other elements that play a role in the overall success of the look include appliances and countertop material. The goal is to establish a look that brings all aspects together as a whole, rather than create an awkward compilation. Where will your backsplash begin and where will it end? A designer can easily solve the riddle to this.

As far as patterns, do not use too many. If your countertop is a busy granite it is best to stay away from a busy backsplash. Determine how different aspects will enhance one another, whether you use complimenting colors, neutral colors or another technique.

If you are considering this project, the best timeframe would include either during or after a kitchen remodel. Why not before? Once you decide to rip out counters and cabinets you'd need to replace the backsplash from damage. Don't stress yourself out, though. Contact Connecticut Valley Homes for help with this project.


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