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Connecticut Valley Homes

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weathering the Storm - Post Blizzard Home Maintenance

 The blizzard has come and gone, but while the weather has settled it is critical not to neglect proper assessment for possible home damage. 

Heavy snow is a notable cause of substantial property damage. Damage can range from dislodged shingles, collapsed roofs, water leaks, flooding, etc. Failure to take action when these problems arise can result in payment denial of home insurance companies. For this reason, it is important to look for, photograph and report these problems in a timely fashion. 

Following a snowstorm or blizzard, as stated prior, it is crucial to check for home damage. Things a homeowner should look for include signs of water leakage, ventilation issues, roofing deconstruction and unstable windows. Water spots on a home's ceiling are a sure sign of water leakage/ventilation issues. 

Determining possible damage to a home's roof will require roof access. Be sure to use a plastic shovel to remove significant snow build up in an effort to prevent any further damage. If shingles have detached from the roof, determine which are salvageable.  

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Following the storm, flooding can become an issue due to melting ice and/or damaged water pipes. If flooding problems arise, it is important that homeowners power off their electrical supply prior to tending to water build-up. Homeowners should also proceed cautiously and wear protective gear in the case that sewage pipes have also been damaged. 

Once the storm has passed, it is very important that homeowner's do not forget the significance of assessing their home for damage. Homeowners should look for any sign that indicates unstable windows, water leaks, ventilation issues and damaged roofing. 

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