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Tips for Building or Remodeling Your Home – How to Save and Where to Spend

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, there are points to consider when establishing your financial investment and achieving your desired outcome.
Plan with the Future in Mind Determine your priorities and goals.Decide where you want to splurge and where you can save.Choose what is important to you and your lifestyle.Consider resale value. Next, do your homework so you can invest wisely. Look for a reputable and licensed builder who has experience constructing the style of home you want in the location you want, especially if it is near the coast. Check references, view previous projects and interview more than one builder. Also, any trade partners should be experienced, licensed, and insured. Respected tradespeople are well worth the investment.

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Millennials as Homebuyers

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For generations, a large part of the American Dream has included capturing the opportunity of becoming a homeowner. The feeling of achieving an investment that one can call their own is highly sought after. Is this desire universal, though? There seems to be a growing curiosity to understand whether or not millennials, too, envision home ownership within their future plans.

Recent research reveals that millennials, just like preceding generations, include homeownership within their realm of the American Dream. Although they also wish to achieve this goal, that does not mean that they put emphasis on the same ideas of homeownership as the generations before them. They, of course, have defined their own vision.

Millennials are becoming first time homebuyers, especially because, in many cases, it is cheaper to buy than rent. For this reason, many millennial homeowners invest in the "fixer-uppers" on the lower end of the price spectrum.

With that said, "the bigger, the better" is not always true within the millennial generation. In most cases, millennials' home sizes fall below 2,000 square feet. To be exact, 68% of millennials prefer to live in homes 2,000 square feet or smaller. They are a seemingly modest generation. Perhaps the reason for this is because they are more interested in spending their money on experience based extracurriculars such as traveling. This could also be a contributing factor to their dedication to those homes requiring some extra elbow grease and TLC. All in all, millennials are willing to give up a little for an overall more wholesome lifestyle.

While we are ferociously curious about this generation, millennials too possess similar future-building ideals as the generations before them. They may have their own way of doing things, customized to their lifestyle aspirations, but millennials do envision homeownership within their big picture of the American Dream.  


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  2. My kids belong to this so called Generation X and yes, they prefer experiences than indulging in possessions. They love to travel and so, they chose smaller homes than what they had when they were growing up. One of the things they love are modest modular homes although one my daughter chose a 4 bedroom modular home for her family. I think they love being free of maintenance and the clutter that can happen when your place is too big. For more information ,check out


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