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Tips for Building or Remodeling Your Home – How to Save and Where to Spend

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, there are points to consider when establishing your financial investment and achieving your desired outcome.
Plan with the Future in Mind Determine your priorities and goals.Decide where you want to splurge and where you can save.Choose what is important to you and your lifestyle.Consider resale value. Next, do your homework so you can invest wisely. Look for a reputable and licensed builder who has experience constructing the style of home you want in the location you want, especially if it is near the coast. Check references, view previous projects and interview more than one builder. Also, any trade partners should be experienced, licensed, and insured. Respected tradespeople are well worth the investment.

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Modular Homes Remove “Unpredictable” from Winter Homebuilding

If you had some office work to do on your computer in the winter, you could take the work outside. You would need gloves (touch screen gloves if you have a touch screen), winter coat, hat, heavy boots. Propping up a golf umbrella would keep you dry in the rain and snow. Then you would need a chair with warm blankets for your lap and a steady flow of warm coffee to heat up your insides.

Could you work this way? You could if you had to. But it would be much quicker, easier, and more efficient to do your work inside. Plus, then you could concentrate on producing quality work instead of staying warm.

The same is true with building a home. Could you have a home built onsite in the wintertime? 

Yes, it is possible. Some homebuilders are equipped with warming tents and tarps to keep snow off the site along with other special tools and techniques to build in the cold weather. Even then, there will be days off where no work can be done due to blizzards or other severe weather conditions.

Wouldn’t it be quicker, easier, and more efficient to build inside? 

And wouldn’t the builder be able to concentrate on quality work instead of staying warm? This is precisely why over 1550 families have chosen to have their custom modular home designed and built by Connecticut Valley Homes.

Advantages to Our Employees

At the bustling manufacturing facility, the skilled and experienced construction team does not need to check the weather report before beginning their workday. Instead, their minds and body are free to produce their best work in a climate-controlled environment.

Advantages to Our Materials

In addition to preventing weather delays, the dry environment for building protects against mold and water damage. Having the materials safe in our climate-controlled factory also protects against theft and vandalism, which is not only a heartache, but also wastes time filling out police reports as opposed to actually building.

Since homes are built inside in a modern, high-tech facility, precision equipment can be utilized that allows building to a higher standard. Homes are constructed to meet or often exceed rigorous national building standards, which are often stricter than local codes.

Advantages to You, the Homeowner

With traditional construction, it is often a long wait from drawing up plans to moving day. Modular homes allow you to be able to move in faster since the site work and the homebuilding can happen simultaneously. Plus, seldom are there typical weather delays common in New England. Just ask someone who was trying to get a stick-built house during the winter of 2014-2015. In case you forgot, there were 20 storms that winter with a total snowfall for Inland Connecticut of 63.8 inches where the normal is 38.4 inches!

Choosing a modular home removes the unpredictable from home building.

Are you interested in having a home built? Take a look at the extensive selection of floor plans at to get your thoughts started. Keep a list of additions or changes you would want in your own home since homes are easily customized. Contact Connecticut Valley Homes and let’s make a plan for your home this winter. 


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