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Tips for Building or Remodeling Your Home – How to Save and Where to Spend

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, there are points to consider when establishing your financial investment and achieving your desired outcome.
Plan with the Future in Mind Determine your priorities and goals.Decide where you want to splurge and where you can save.Choose what is important to you and your lifestyle.Consider resale value. Next, do your homework so you can invest wisely. Look for a reputable and licensed builder who has experience constructing the style of home you want in the location you want, especially if it is near the coast. Check references, view previous projects and interview more than one builder. Also, any trade partners should be experienced, licensed, and insured. Respected tradespeople are well worth the investment.

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Demolish and Rebuild: It Is Possible to Stay Put and Live In Your Dream Home

If you love your neighborhood, your surroundings and your location, but don’t love or even like the
home you live in, consider starting over. The experts at Connecticut Valley Homes make dreams come true and have helped hundreds of customers demolish their old house and replace it with a well designed, up-to-date home.

Imagine this, a brand new home in your current neighborhood:

  • Finished on time and within your budget 
  • With a floor plan that makes sense for your current lifestyle, fits the footprint you have to work with and highlights views and outdoor living spaces where you can make your future memories with a sense of security and pride

Your new Connecticut Valley Homes residence will feature:

  • Fabulous kitchens and baths with solid surface countertops
  • An open concept or traditional layout
  • Loads of closets and storage space
  • State-of-the-art modular construction technology featuring tighter construction tolerances, plus “green” features like high-performance doors and windows that lower energy consumption and reduce outside noise
  • Almost any type of customization in design or decoration

Building a Connecticut Valley Modular Home is faster and especially advantageous for those who wish to demolish their old house and replace it with a new up-to-date dream home.

Call or visit and explore the possibilities. Contact the knowledgeable team at Connecticut Valley
Homes and learn more about The Smart Way to Build™ 860-739-6913. To view floor plans, photos, and videos visit:


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