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Celebrating 50 Years of Earth Day!

Did you know that April 22nd marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day?  As we adapt to the restrictions of social distancing, one thing we can celebrate is our shrinking carbon footprint. During this newfound journey, we are here to serve our clients today and tomorrow building energy-efficient homes designed to soak in natural light and ventilation. Modular construction maximizes the use of building materials and utilizes waste to energy practices which means far less waste in landfills.  A tighter building envelope combined with the insulation package we include in each home means greater energy efficiency and savings for the homeowner. Our homes are better for the families living in them and for our environment. What are some easy ways to reduce that carbon footprint even more?  Continue to reduce and consolidate trips to the store. Pick up needed items for neighbors and alternate trips to the store with friends. Wash and carry your own reusable shopping bags a

How to decide which builder is right for you. . . ask for information and referrals.

Questions: Common questions heard at Connecticut Valley Homes.

Answers: Provided by CVH President/Builder Richard Wildermuth

Q: How long has your company been in business?
A: 28 years.

Q: CVH has been a full time design/build company for the past 28 years. How many homes has your company actually built?
A: Over 1400.

Connecticut Valley Homes New Home and Modular Home Builder Q: In addition, CVH is an experienced commercial builder (apartments, duplexes, condominiums, office buildings, veterinary and medical clinics, etc.). How many years actual construction experience do the principals of the company have?
A: Richard Wildermuth, President: full time in construction since 1971 with extensive experience in stick-building, commercial work, foundations and modular construction. Catherine Taylor, Founder: founded CVH and has built over 1400 homes and specializes in home/floor plan design. Full time construction since 1978.

Q: Are you a custom builder?
A: Yes. A client can use their plans, our plans, or we will design a plan specifically for them.

Q: I don't have much extra time. Is it easy to build with your company?
A: Yes. We do as much or as little of the work as you want. One of the biggest time savers our customers enjoy is the CVH Design Center (no driving around to store after store). Here you can enjoy one-stop shopping for all your interior and exterior color and material choices.

Connecticut Valley Homes New Home and Modular Home Builder Q: Do you offer help with financing?
A: Yes. Our financial manager, Hope Green, will help you find a very competitive rate and a lending institution that focuses on customer service.

Q: What will construction financing cost?
A: Very little. Construction financing is very important if you are comparing CVH to a "stick-builder". Thousands of dollars can be added to the cost of "stick-building" a home, since construction time takes months. This is a cost paid directly by you to the bank.

Q: Is Connecticut, Rhode Island or New York tax, delivery and crane included in the price? A: Yes, if you build with us in one of those states. You will see it noted as included on all of our paperwork.

Q: Is the interior and exterior trim-out (industry jargon for final completion of your home) included in the price?
A: Yes. In fact, we guarantee the workmanship will be equal to, or better than you see in our model homes. Of course we do give excellent credits if you prefer to do some of this work yourself.

Q: Can CVH arrange for your complete site work package as well?
A: Yes. We work with professional general contractors across Connecticut, Rhode Island, Block Island, and Fishers Island. Over the years we have found this to be the easiest and most cost saving method of completing site work for our customers. Or, if you prefer, you can do the general contracting yourself for extra savings.

Connecticut Valley Homes New Home and Modular Home Builder Q: Do you have your own crews?
A: Yes. At CVH we employ our own crews full time so we can guarantee the quality of your new home will be equal to our model homes.

Q: What if something is damaged? Who does the follow-up service?
A: We do. If it isn't right, we fix it. We employ our own crews so we can guarantee the work will be done. We provide a high level of follow-up service to guarantee your satisfaction.

Q: May I have references?
A: Yes, just ask and we will give you names and phone numbers.

Q: May I have the names of banks and mortgage companies your customers have recommended?
A: Yes. This is a good way to check the reputation of any company.

Connecticut Valley Homes New Home and Modular Home Builder Q: Do you have a "Quality equal to your model home guarantee" that you will put in writing?
A: Yes. This is important. It guarantees that you get what you see.

Q: Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
A: Yes. We've been a member for over 20 years. Catherine Taylor, one of the owners, has served on the BBB Board of Directors. We recommend you check our record there.

Q: Why should I choose Connecticut Valley to build my new home?
A: Connecticut Valley Homes is a reliable, experienced, construction company. We build exciting, spacious homes using top quality materials like Andersen windows, Kohler plumbing products, 2"x6" exterior walls, and plywood or Zip System sheathing. Our homes are extra energy efficient and are known for being easy to heat and cool. We are a custom builder. This means you can use your plans, our plans or we will design, at no extra charge, a plan specifically for you. Connecticut Valley Homes customers can expect to build a custom home, using name-brand materials and have it completed on time and on budget.


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